Curriculum Overview

At various points during a student’s four years with us, emphasis is placed on providing information to parents about the teaching and learning program. Provision of information is disseminated through Parent Handbooks, Elective Booklets, the Newsletter, the College Planner and Parent Information Nights.

In addition to general curriculum information the College has a comprehensive reporting program. Formal reporting about student performance involves three distinct yet integrated processes.

Stage one is the immediate feedback given via Assessment Criteria Sheets. The number of Assessment Criteria Sheets distributed during a semester depends on the nature of the subject and the content of the course.

Stage two occurs at the start of Terms two and four when the College conducts Parent/Student/Teacher interviews. An Interim Report is posted home, prior to these P/T/S Interview Evenings. Parents are encouraged to organise meetings with their child’s teachers to discuss his/her progress.

The third and final stage involves the Semester Report. The Semester Report provides an outline of what has been studied throughout the semester, a general overview of work habits, a summary of results reported on Assessment Criteria Sheets and some general comments about the student’s performance. The semester reports posted in June and December to the child's residential address.