Tuition Fees and Compulsory Levies 2017

There has been no increase in the fees and levies for 2017. Tuition fees and compulsory levies for 2017 will remain at $3701 per student (less $100 for Year 7 students who have paid an enrolment deposit). This amount does not include laptop, eBooks or camps.

Family Discount

This discount is available to families with more than one student attending any of the Colleges in the Federation of Catholic Regional Colleges.

Number of Students:

Discount given:

2 students enrolled:

$317 per student

3 students enrolled:

$634 per student

4 students enrolled:

$951 per student

Early Payment Discount

A discount of $100 will apply if fees are paid in full by the end of Term 1, 2017.

Payment of Fees and Levies

Fees may be paid via:

  • Cash or cheque (payable to CRC North Keilor) 
  • EFT - Bankcard, MasterCard, and Visa
  • Direct Debit or Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card by authorisation

Payment expectations

  • By the end of Term 1, 25% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • By the end of Term 2, 50% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • By the end of Term 3, 75% of annual fees are due to have been paid
  • All fees are expected to be paid by mid-November, 2017.

Payment plans include 

  • A fortnightly voucher system paid ‘in person’ at the College office – please contact the Office to arrange.
  • Monthly Credit Card payment (deducted on the 20th of each month February to November)
    weekly, fortnightly, monthly, per Term or per Semester Direct Deposit from a bank account – please complete enclosed form to arrange.


Additional Charges

Student Laptops and eBooks

The College issues all students with a laptop when they commence Year 7. Students access eBooks (electronic texts) on this device. The cost of the laptop is $1600 charged at $400 per year over four years (pro rata for students commencing in Years 8 to 10). eBooks for 2017 are for are $210 for Year 7 and $160 for all


Compulsory camps are held in Year 7 and Year 9. Camp invoices are sent to families in Term 1 of Year 7 (approximately $260) and Term 3 of Year 9 (approximately $380).

Elective / NITOR Programs 

Elective levies for Year 9 and 10 students vary dependent on what subjects are chosen. Electives are billed once per year. Students in the Year 10 NITOR program pay an additional levy of $400.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for families experiencing financial difficulties. If payment of fees is a concern, please contact the Bursar’s Office to discuss your circumstances. Such discussions will be regarded as private and confidential. For queries regarding Fees and Levies or to discuss making payment arrangements other than above, please contact the Business Manager, Mr Frank Belanti on 9361 5900.