The establishment of Catholic Regional College North Keilor grew from the need to provide a Catholic Co-educational Secondary School in the area.

The vision came from Father John O'Reilly and this led to discussions with Bishop Joseph O'Connell and the Parish Priests of the area. There were already two Year 7 -10 Catholic Regional Colleges in St Albans and Melton, and Father John O'Reilly, Mr. John Kennedy and Sister Sylvia Williams (first Principal of Catholic Regional College St. Albans) saw the need to build a third Year 7-10 College in North Keilor.

In 1980 negotiations began to purchase the land upon which Catholic Regional College North Keilor now stands.

In mid 1981 the first Principal (Mr. Bernard Dobson) and Vice Principal (Sr.Veronica Lonergan) were appointed. Enrolment applications were received and eight staff were appointed. Sister Veronica Lonergan retired in 2002 after 65 years in Catholic schools around Victoria, the last 20 with us at Catholic Regional College North Keilor. Sister died in June 2005, aged 88. The annual Year 10 Leadership Award is named after Sister Veronica Lonergan.

In the beginning, not everything ran according to plan and problems arose when the school building was not commenced until January 1982, only a month before the College was due to open! This problem was overcome with the co-operation of the newly completed Sydenham Campus. When the College opened in February 1982, it occupied three classrooms and a small office area at Catholic Regional College Sydenham. Despite not having its own building the College began successfully and quickly developed an identity and tradition of its own. The students and staff commenced their first day at the North Keilor site on the 10thof August 1982. This day is now celebrated annually as "Establishment Day".

Turning to the past for inspiration, the names of the three (eventually six) Home Base Groups were chosen:

DOWNING - After Keilor's first Parish Priest between 1854 and 1862 - Father Matthew Downing;

MOORE - After Father James Moore; Parish Priest between 1862 and 1875 under whose direction St. Augustine's Church was eventually completed and blessed on Sunday, November 15, 1863;

NELAN - After the last resident Parish Priest of Keilor, Father Denis Nelan;

The fourth group was named GOOLD after Archbishop Goold, the first Bishop of Melbourne from 1848 to 1886, underwhom the Parish or "mission" of Keilor was founded.

When a fifth group was required in 1996, it was fitting that it be named LONERGAN in recognition of the contribution of Sister Veronica Lonergan, not only to CRC North Keilor, but to Catholic Education over more than sixty years.

In 1998, a sixth class was added for the first time and named in honour of FatherJohn O'REILLY, the man whose vision it was to provide Catholic secondary education in thisregion.

Sporting Houses took the names of our local parish churches: Augustine - RED, MacKillop(Originally Carmel) - GREEN, Paul - YELLOW and Christopher - BLUE.

On 1st December, 1985, Bishop Joseph O'Connell officially blessed and opened Catholic Regional College North Keilor. Over time many new buildings and specialist classrooms were added to cater for the increased enrolments. Ourmost recent and significant addition to the College was the Chapel, which was officially opened on Establishment Day 2008.