Support Programs


Our College  is well resourced and has an extensive collection to support the curriculum offered. The library is open at recess, lunchtime and  at times after school


Access to Computers

The College currently has two computer labs, 30 computers in the library and access to laptops throughout the school. The College is fully networked and linked to the CEO Virtual Private Network, with wireless internet and intranet access in each classroom. Some classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards.

Students wishing to complete work in their own time can use the computers in the library or the computer lab.In the area of Information and Communication Technology we use a dual approach. Students at each level are offered classes in Information Technology and Information and Communication Technologies are used as a learning tool across the curriculum.


Work Education

All Year 10 students undertake one week of Work Experience


School Counsellor

The College employs a full time School Counsellor to assist students in any difficulties they may face. The Counsellor works closely with teaching staff in the pastoral care of students.



A canteen operates on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to order their lunch before school to avoid the queues.



All students receive an Interim Report at the end of Term 1. Full written reports are prepared at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Parent / Teacher / Student interviews are held at the end of Term 1 and  Term 3. P



To ensure everyone is informed of College activities a fortnightly newsletter.The newsletter is also published on the College website.